Penns Valley Homecoming

Selena Auman

Penns Valley is having a homecoming dance was on Sunday, September 28th, 2019 at Penns Valley Area High School. Everyone 13-17 is invited $5 ticket for people who don’t go to Penns Valley. Homecoming starts at 7:oo P.M to 10:00 P.M in Penns Valley old gym.

Homecoming was such fun they played a lot of music, everyone looked so nice, people were dancing, having so much fun. Most of the music was from TikTok and it was so fun. People were doing a lot of dance trends it was so to watch them doing it and joining in on it.

They gave us sports lockers to put our shoes and other stuff we didn’t want to carry around. They locked me in a sports locker!!!!! But closer to the end they locked everyone in sports locker (they let them out after). It was such fun but it was tiring after and once you got home it felt soo good to sit/lay down.

The decorations were so pretty and they stayed so nice. It looked like it took forever to put up. They decorated early and it made you feel so good to walk into school every day and see it was so pretty.

The theme was There’s no place like homecoming. So the actual theme is the wizard of oz.

The doors looked so well decorated like the wizard of oz. It was so creative and I was so proud of everyone’s door.