Homecoming Weekend


Hello Pennsvalley!! We are going to be talking about the Pennsvalley homecoming week/weekend from  Septemeber 23rd to September 28th. First, we are going to be talking about ‘ Spirit week’. Spirt Week is an event that schools all around the world can participate in and dress up accordingly to what the specific day is. Monday we had ‘Pajama day’, Tuesday we had ‘Fancy day’, Wednesday we had’ red shoe/sock day’, Thursday we had ‘twin day’, and on Friday we had ‘Blue and White day!’

Friday, September 26th we had our homecoming game. I reported live on the spot to give you the freshest news about the game. Unfortunately, I did not get the first quarter of the game but I will explain the quarters two to four, the best I can. We started quarter 2 with 14-0 we had 11 to go and 35 balls.by then end of the 2nd quarter we had 35-7 we have 1 down and 10 balls, we have 6 minutes left of the 3rd quarter 42-7 down 3, 12 balls. 3 minutes left of the 4th quarter 55-7 3 down ball 7. 

Now let’s talk about the homecoming dance, it was on Saturday, September 27th. It was from 7-10 pm, I was also at the homecoming dance for Penns valley as well. All grades from 7th to 12th were welcome, but it was a five-dollar fee. It was a very interesting night, the music was very upbeat everyone was on their feet, even if they were not dancing. There were even a couple of slow songs. It went by very quick, it felt like it was a snap of your finger. It was definitely a night to remember!

This is all the information that I could give on this topic!