No Aliens Yet!

Dozens of people gather at the area 51 gate-But no aliens yet.

Two people were detained by police, one for public urination. About 75 people showed up early Friday at the Area 51 military base in Nevada. By social media hoax, people were talking about “storming” the base for aliens-at least 2 people were detained by sheriff’s deputies.

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee estimated late Thursday that around 1,500 people had gathered at the festival sites and said more than 150 people also made the rugged trip several additional miles on bone-rattling dirt roads to get within picture distance of the gates.

Millions and  Millions of people had responded to a June internet post calling for people to run into the remote U.S. Air Force test site that has long been the focus of UFO conspiracy theories.

Authorities reported no serious incidents related to festivals scheduled until Sunday. It all started as a joke but it wasn’t a joke for some.

Eric Holt, the Lincoln County emergency manager, said he believed authorities could handle 30,000 visitors at the two events. Still, neighbors braced for trouble after millions of people responded to the “Storm Area 51” Facebook post weeks ago.
Some 0f those who show up in shorts and flip-flops will find no protection against “critters, snakes and scorpions.” It will get cold at night. They’re not going to find what they’re looking for, and they are going to get angry,” some said.
The Federal Aviation Administration closed nearby airspace, although Air Force jets could be heard in the sun-drenched skies, along with an occasional sonic boom.