Homecoming events

Addy Miller

On Thursday, September 26th was the homecoming parade! First, they had the parade and in the parade they have football, cheerleading, twirling, cross country, soccer, swim teams, band, and the girls running to be the homecoming queen! They also have a few other floats but those are the main ones. After, the parade they announce the winners for the door decorating contest, and they announce the people running to be queen! Band people also sit on the stage. They have the cheerleaders cheer in front of the stage!

Friday, September 27th was the homecoming football game against Midd West and it’s officially a WHITE OUT so wear WHITE! Also, at half time we find out who the queen is! It is just gonna be a good game because its homecoming and that’s a big game! Monday, September 30th, Guys we won, it was a good game!! It was only Midd West’s 2nd year playing football…but we still beat them and that’s all that counts. At half time they announced the official homecoming queen! It is Hannah Denger, Good job Hannah!!

Saturday, September 28th, was the homecoming dance! The dance was pretty fun, they played good songs and it was just fun because I got to spend time with my friends! Towards the end, they announced the girls that were nominated to be queen and they also announced the actual queen, Hannah Denger! Again good job Hannah, I hope you treat our school good, I think you will!


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