Banned Books Week


Mrs. Smith’s Banned Books Week tribute in the IMC

Mackenzie Linn

Mrs. Smith’s Banned Books Week tribute in the IMC

This week is National Banned Books Week. It is dedicated to appreciating all the books that have been banned from schools and public libraries for having controversial ideas. Books such as Lord of the Flies have been banned for incorporating cannibalism in it’s theme, but if you actually read the book you would know it does not. Even books such as Harry Potter have been banned for containing witchcraft.

This holiday is not dedicated to banning books, but in honor of the books that have been banned. Authors that spent their lives writing these books in hopes of others to read them have now been brushed under the rug because someone didn’t like what they had to say. These books desire to be read, to be discussed about, to be shared, not to be discarded because they include ideas not everyone likes.

The best books are supposed to be thought provoking and challenge your ideals. These books that have been revoked do exactly that, they make you think and make you question what is right and wrong. They have the ability to put you in a new world of magic or tragedy, allowing for you to take a break from reality. So instead of ignoring these books, this week take a minute to read them, even if its just the summary, and give these forgotten books some attention.

Don’t let anyone dictate what you can and can’t read.