Homecoming parade, Homecoming Game

On Thursday, September 26th  was the homecoming parade and there was a lot of people there I got a lot of candy and it was very exciting there were many floats volleyball won. But it was good and I saw many floats that were good. They announced the door decorating winners and Mrs. Kieffer class won congrats. The soccer float and the swim team float tied and that was crazy. It was a fun night and there were many floats with candy and then people were throwing candy at the football boys. They were talking about the homecoming queens and who were their dates. They were talking about the football game and how the rams will crush the hornets. It was kind of cold and the line for food was very long and everybody was hungry.


On Friday September 27th was the Homecoming game vs Midd West and we will win I’m very excited and everybody will be wearing their white because tonight is officially a whiteout make sure you wear your white and show your school spirit. Everybody will be pumped and ready for the game there will be a lot of people because it’s the Homecoming Game and it’s very important. If you are going you better go early because the seats will fill up fast. Tonight they will announce the Homecoming Queen winner and the seniors for football. Tonight will be very exciting the homecoming queen winner was Hannah Denger. Everybody was very excited for her to win and I voted for her.