Are Amazon Echo Buds Coming For Airpods

Carissa Elcock

Amazon came out with 8 new echo devices including a ring, glasses, and earbuds, so now you can wear Alexa on your hands, face, and ears. The most practical of them is Amazon’s new Echo Buds, it is also Alexa’s first foray into headphones. In addition to all the normal hands-free wireless headphones, what differentiates these buds from other options (specifically, Apple AirPods) is their noise-reducing feature. For battery life, you get five hours of music and four hours of call time with a full charge of the Echo Buds, as compared to apple Airpods five hours of music and three hours of call time. In just a 15-minute charge, you get up to two hours on the Echo Buds and three hours of music and two hours of talk time with the AirPods.

The Echo Buds charging case holds up to 15 hours of music and 12 hours of talk time, while the AirPods charging case holds up to 24 hours. The Echo Buds case is larger than that of the AirPods (similar to the PowerBeats Pro case), so it won’t fit as well in a pocket, but the buds themselves are small and sleek. Like AirPods, they can also connect to Siri on your phone, but they can also connect to Google Assistant and Alexa. Later this year, users will be able to ask Alexa specifically about what Whole Foods has in stock and what aisle to find it in. In terms of pricing and availability, Echo Buds are currently available for pre-order for $129.99 and will start shipping in October. By comparison, AirPods with the wireless charging case come in at $199, while the ones with the normal case cost $159. Time will tell if the Echo Buds will give AirPods a run for their money. In a hilarious twist of fate, Amazon exec Dave Limp spoke to the press yesterday about the new Echo.