Readers Recommendations


Mackenzie Linn

Readers Recommended shelf in the IMC

Have you ever read a book and wished you could share it with others? Maybe you didn’t know who to tell about it or anyone who would be interested. Maybe your friends don’t like to read. Well now anyone who wants to share their thoughts and ideas on books they’ve checked out from the IMC can! And if you do… you might even win a prize!

Mrs.Smith and Mrs.Weaver have started a new trend in their library allowing students to share what they liked about the books they’ve read. They call it the Readers Recommendation section and students have already started promoting the books they love.

The concept behind this idea is very simple, all you have to do is use the sticky notes and pencils provided in the IMC and stick one onto your book with a short note explaining why you liked it. Then when other active readers come to the library in search for a book, they can go over to the ones recommended by their fellow classmates and see what makes those books so great. Instead of having to spend an excessive amount of time searching for any books that could possibly grab your interest you can read books already promoted by kids in your age range.

Along with the satisfaction of hyping up a good book, when you donate your thoughts to the readers recommendation section Mrs.Smith and Mrs.Weaver will enter your name into a raffle to win a prize. With all these benefits I can’t think of a reason you shouldn’t participate in the Readers Recommendation book shelf.