College Ready!


One of the scariest things in life is going to college. This is a huge step in life, this is where you might be living on your own, managing things in life that you never have had to do before. It is a scary process and there are many ways that people can prepare themselves for this process.

One way to prepare for college and make this process easier is by visiting the college reps. The college reps know all about their specific school and even the area. Here at Penns Valley, there are many rep visits throughout the year to help not only seniors but also any underclassmen that are taking steps into preparing for college. College reps help in all sorts of ways, this is where you learn about all different schools and can even persuade you into going to a college that you never even thought about. These also help you explore different options, even if you have one college in mind, it is always a good idea to get out there and explore. In the U.S. alone there are over one million colleges, so these rep visits are important!

Something else that is very useful that we have right at our fingertips here at Penns Valley is our college adviser, this is only a two-year position so the adviser changes quite often. College Board is another option that is right at your fingertips, and this is for every student, not just Penns Valley. This site helps you sign up for the PSATS & SATS and can guide you from there to colleges with that SAT score range.

At Penns Valley, we also have instant decisions for certain schools. I personally would recommend everyone do these because this way you know on the spot if you’re accepted or not. Penns Valley so far has had four of them, there was Mansfield, Shippensburg, IUP and Lock Haven. These decisions are official and most of the time they will waive your application fee.

Lastly, when it comes to colleges, I 100% recommend visiting colleges, this is very important because this way you can see if the college you are about to be paying thousands of dollars for is the right one for you!



These are just SOME examples of colleges