Race for First Place in the Mountain League


Stephen Ripka making a catch from Aaron Tobias

Penns Valley is one of the teams that is in position to get first place in the mountain league. The other teams are Clearfield, Bald Eagle, and Bellefonte. As of the end of week 7 they are all tied for first place. The big factors that go into it is the Bellefonte beat Clearfield and Clearfield beat Penns Valley. Also Penns Valley beat Bellefonte so it can’t be decided yet. As for Bald Eagle they have only played one of the three teams that are also in the run. They played Penns Valley and lost in a game where there star quarterback Jaden Jones hurt his shoulder but has since returned to playing. So Bald Eagle has to still play Clearfield and Bellefonte so they have a tough schedule to finish out the season. If Bald Eagle were to beat Clearfield then they would be eliminated if one of the other teams were to win out. If Clearfield were to lose and Penns Valley were to win out then they would come in first place because they beat the other two teams. If Bellefonte were to win they would need to win out, which would mean beating Bald Eagle and also they would have to have Penns Valley lose another game. If Clearfield could win out they would need to beat Bald Eagle and need Bellefonte to lose another game.

After last week Penns Valley won and Bald Eagle beat Clearfield so that puts Penns Valley in the clear way to win the Mountain League if they win out. On Monday, Philipsburg had forfeited there last two games. One which was against Penns Valley so Penns Valley only has to beat Tyrone to be in position to win the Mountain League.