Why Does Our School do Drills?

Why does our school do Drills? The reason for why the schools have to do drills is so when that we practice in case this was happening for real. The rule is that you need to practice the fire drills once a month so if there was a real fire, we would know what to do. For the fire drill, they sound the fire alarm for a test and then the goal is to go to the nearest fire exit and go right outside the building and wait for further instructions for when we can go back inside. Another drill we do is called the Severe Weather Drill. The goal for this drill is that they announce that it’s time for the sever weather drill and we have to crouch way down and most important is get far away as possible from anything glass wise. If that was real, it would really not end well.

Now, here is a drill that you really need to practice a lot. The evacuation and lock down drill. They are really important in case we were in a real situation, like if there was something going bad in the school. The goal for the lock down drill is that we need to lock the doors right away and then we make sure we hide where nobody can see you. Then, the rule is to wait until they say the lockdown drill is over. If this was a real thing going on, some people would have to evacuate the building and get as far away as possible where you can’t even see the school anymore. It is very important to practice drills every year during school because it helps us in case this was a real bad thing going on. You need to stay safe.