Spooky Experiences

Haunted houses, candy, ghosts, ghouls, clowns are all things associated with Halloween. Some people say that ghosts are real others say there is no such thing. Whether you believe them or not, we humans are so interested in them. Here are a couple of my own paranormal experiences. First, what are ghosts and spirits? Are they the same or are they different?

Ghosts are the physical body of someone who died while a spirit is their soul and personalties. Ghosts also take the form of white speckles when on camera while spirits have a more human-like figure. Fun fact if you see a ghost speckle with a colored ring around it means a loved who passed away close to you is near you. Now that you know what and how to tell the two apart let’s get onto the creepy experiences.

The first one happened over the summer in my hometown of Rebersburg, PA at the annual Rebersburg carnival at around 9:30 pm. My friend and I were bored and I was scrolling on scary app games for us to play. We then stumble across this online app version of the Ouija Board and neither of us has ever played Ouija Board so I downloaded it and we waited to talk to some spirits. Once the app downloaded my chest felt like my heart was skipping a beat as soon as it popped up on my screen. I clicked on it and we read the instructions for the usage of this app and whatnot. Once we got to the screen with the Ouija Board, it said for us to both put one finger on the planchette and to ask the board a question so, we asked are you real? It moved slowly to the top left corner on the yes and we both were in shock. We asked it a few more questions and I don’t remember what question I asked the board because it started to blacken around the corners and it was counting down 5…4…3…2… once it got to 2 I closed the app and deleted it. After we both had gotten our hearts back up to normal speed, we realized that maybe the board was listening to us because of the notification allowing the microphone. we didn’t think anything of it so we just ignored it and went on with the night.

                                        (this picture isn’t EXACTLY what I wanted but it’s the closest I could get)

The second experience happened not too long after school started. I was at my Gram’s house in her living room sitting on the couch playing games on my phone. (When I was little I was convinced that her house was haunted and here…little me was right.) I look up from playing on my phone and in the corner of my right eye… I see this figure of a boy maybe my age or a year older. He was skinny, pale, and he had shaggy dark brown almost black hair. He was wearing a grey T-shirt, navy blue shorts, and old, dirty, white sneakers. I turn my head towards his direction and he disappeared from where he was. I turn back to my phone and I see that figure again and I look in his direction and he disappears again.

Anyway, I still see him but I don’t mind because I always felt like I had a connection with ghosts, spirits, and the undead…here I do.