About Jillian Anderson

Jillian Anderson is a 12-year-old(at the moment). Jillian’s favorite color is blue, she has liked this color since 4th grade. Jillian also shows animals so I asked her some questions about that and this is what she said,  Why did you start showing animals? “Because her sister, Jordan, did it and she thought it looked fun so she started too.” and What’s your favorite part about showing animals? “Meeting a lot of new people by far.”

I deiced that I should ask her some life and relevant questions about her. These are the questions and answers.  How could you prove that someone is having a good life? “That they seem happy a majority of the time.”  and  Why do you believe that the “fosters” is good? “Cause it’s realistic and relatable.”

Jillian has a nice phone and I know she carries it with her and likes it. I asked her a realistic question that you would ask someone her age, What would happen if you lost your phone? ” I would lose all my streaks BUT other than that I would be fine.”

These are the rest of the questions I asked Jillian. Could you consider playing football? “Only powder puff.” 

Do you prefer cows or pigs? “Cows”         

 I know you like wrestling so wresting or football? ” wrestling”

What’s the next step at getting better at what you do(showing animals)?  “Practicing more intensely.”

How did you get good at what you do? “Watching other people do it and practicing.”

Thank you to Jillian for letting me interview you and get your answers out there!!!