The Black Figure in The Woods

I rushed into my friend’s house after I had the scariest time of my life.

Hi, my name is Hailey and I had a very scary experience with my friends when I was 11. I was at my friend’s birthday party on March 23th, 2019. She lives by the woods, has 15 acres of land, and has a very rustic style house. The day started out great, I got to her house and we all were just hanging out. We then started to watch horror movies. At first, we thought nothing of it. We watched “It” and a couple of other horror movies.

We decided to go outside and play hide and go seek in the woods because we got bored of sitting around ad all of us loved to be outside. As we were running into the woods, we heard some noises, we thought it might have been just a squirrel but little did we know that it wasn’t. We ran into the woods and played hide and go seek. I went to hide with some other people and I heard another faint voice as I was finding my hiding spot. I finally found my spot to hide and it was very far away from everyone else. I heard footsteps coming towards me. I was thinking that it was maybe someone else from the party so I tried to hide just in case it was the seeker because I knew she was looking for hiders at this point.

Right as the footsteps seemed very close and made me feel uncomfortable. I moved to a tree when I heard the footsteps stop. After a while, it happened again. At this point, I decided to pop out from behind the tree that I was hiding at. When I jumped out, there was nothing there. I was very creeped out so I just went back to my hiding spot. It was about 20 minutes after and a black figure popped out in front of me. I started running and didn’t look back until I ran into her house. Halfway in her house, I screamed ” GET OUT OF THE WOODS!!! HURRY!” Everyone ran back and I told them what happened when we made it to her bedroom safe and sound.

After about an hour of us just talking, we went back outside(Which was a very dumb idea) and we went onto her trampoline that was right by the entrance to the woods. We all got on the trampoline and just had fun and we all forgot about what had happened earlier. I looked over at the woods for a second and saw a black figure again. I looked away from the woods very quickly thinking that it as just me thinking too much about it. But then my friend at the party started to look over at the woods and started to scream. She couldn’t get the words out of her mouth very clearly so she just pointed to the entrance to the woods where I saw it the second time. Then everyone looked over and saw the black figure. We ran into the house and her mom didn’t think of anything only because we were a very vocal group. We all decided not to go outside again until it was time to go back home.

To this day the story still stands and now we make jokes about it. It scares us to think about that actually happening to us but we have each other. Thank you for choosing to read this story and I hope you enjoyed!