SpongeBob Fails To Be Clown

SpongeBob talks to Mr.Krabs on Halloween night and Mr.Krabs calls him SpongeBob scardey pants. Spongebob and Patrick meet up at SpongeBob’s house. SpongeBob is sad so Patrick comes up with an idea for SpongeBob to dress up as pennywise. “that’s a great idea, Patrick” SpongeBob says. So Patrick puts a red nose on SpongeBob and when kids showed up to his door SpongeBob gets made fun of. So Patrick suggests going to the Krusty Krab and scaring people when SpongeBob is in full form of a clown since Mr.Krabs was throwing a Halloween party. SpongeBob likes that idea so they do the idea.SpongeBob shows Patrick a photo of Pennywise and says ” remember Patrick like this”.  Patrick says “okay” as he starts to cut off each corner of SpongeBob .” you sure you want to do this” Patrick says. SpongeBob sits it the chair as Patrick grabs scissors, glue, white, red and black face paint, a red afro wig, and a Ronald McDonalds outfit.  SpongeBob says “shape me down and make me round.” Patrick starts to make Spongebob round and then puts white face paint on his face and red face paint on his lips and nose. Patrick puts little black lines underneath his eyes. Patrick puts glue on his head and then he puts the wig on him. SpongeBob puts on the outfit and Patrick gives him red boots to wear. SpongeBob stands by the wall and Patrick holds up the image and moves it so he can see SpongeBob and  “what do you think” SpongeBob says.  “Perfect” Patrick says. SpongeBob and Patrick head to the Krusty Krab and go to the roof where Patrick turns off the lights and people start screams in fear. Patrick then turns on a smoke machine. Partick ties a rope around Spongebob and himself so SpongeBob can glide down into the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob starts to glide down into the Krusty Krab while Patrick talks into the mic. “I am the scariest clown of them all,” Patrick says into the mic. “give me your chicken nuggets,” Patrick says into the mic and then, a jellyfish stings Patrick. Patrick starts to scream and run around crazy around the roof as SpongeBob starts to scream revealing his identity. SpongeBob is hanging upside down revealing his square bottoms. The kids who came to his house earlier and fun of him said “hey that’s not a scary clown, that’s SpongeBob. Everyone started to make fun of him as fire machines turned on and Pennywise appeared. “Hi I’m Pennywise the dancing clown,” said pennywise. Everyone screamed. “that’s the real scariest clown of them all” Mr.Krabs said as he fainted. “you bet I’m the real scariest clown of them all and ill let you on a little secret, I’m going to steal your souls,” Pennywise said. Everyone screamed again “QUITE, you had it coming after dressing up like me and turning my name into a joke, but that’s not reason why I’m taking your souls,IT”S BECAUSE OF, HIM” pennywise said pointing to SpongeBob. “after seeing all the Pennywise costumes, yours is the most insulting” Pennywise says. “you mean I’m not scary” SpongeBob says. “you, SCARY, HAHA” Pennywise says as he slices the rope so SpongeBob falls. ” let me tell you about scary,  kid, there is all kinds of scary things in the world, spiders are scary, I’m scary but you are NOT scary”. Pennywise stands back in front of everyone, “first let me take off this stupid costume” says Pennywise. Pennywise takes off his costume and gets a scared look and runs out of the Krusty Krab screaming. “hey, what do you know, I scared him away” said SpongeBob and everyone runs away screaming. ” it worked Patrick, we scared them” said SpongeBob. ” yeah I guess it was your pink hat” said Patrick. ” pink hat?” said SpongeBob as he felt his brain. “oh no silly, that’s my brain”. “ohhh” Partick said as he ran away screaming.