Selena Auman- Interview Questions

Hello Penns Valley! today I have an article about interviewing Selena Auman in 7th grade. She is in Mrs. Heckman’s classroom. One of my questions was what her favorite food was. She said that her favorite food was macaroni and cheese. Her favorite color is Blue and if she could change anything, she would change the amount of pollution. She says that she may want to go to college because she wants to major in child development but she does not want to be away from her parents during that time period. She wants to live in Hawaii if she had the chance to live anywhere in the world. She said that if she could have any animals in the world if you had the chance, she answered with the animal of an otter. She said that if she had the chance between pizza and sushi she chose sushi. I asked what she liked better, tacos or ice cream and she said that she liked ice cream better. The last question I had about food was what she would choose first, between breakfast or dessert and she answered with dessert. She was born on March 8th, 2007. And if she could have an animal first between a dog and an otter, she said dog because dog is easier to get and care for. Thank you so much for reading my article and what would you say for these questions? Bye for now!