Hailey Bruss Interview Questions

Hailey Bruss is 12 years old, She turns 13 on June 30th. Hailey goes to Penns Vally area High School. Hailey’s favorite sports team would be any Pittsburg teams, her favorite color is any shade of blue. If she could change anything about a person she would change the way they act. How she would change the way they people act is to talk to them and see what’s wrong. Hailey does want to go t0 collage,  the college she wants to go to os Penn State and get a veterinary science degree. If Hailey could go anywhere in the world for vacation she’d go to the Bahamas. She likes ice cream better than popsicles. She wants a red panda more than a dog. If she had to pick between a fox and a red panda she would choose red panda but it was a really hard choice. Last Hailey would eat bacon before chicken.