Sydney Interview


Sydney Welshans was born on November 29th, 2006. Her full name is Sydney May Welshans. She is 12 years old now, she has 3 siblings, 2 sisters and 1 brother. She has many nicknames including Syd and Syd the Sloth. She goes to Penns Valley Jr./Sr. High School, in 7th grade. Here are some fun facts about Sydney May Welshans.

She has the dream to have a sewing career at home while also being a stay at home mom. Sydney is a very good friend and is very good at making people laugh including me. Sydney thinks Ashley talks a lot and she has many videos to prove it. Sydney said her and Ashley are friends because Ashley is funny and Ashley is also Audrey´s twin, Audrey and Ashley are some of Sydney’s best friends. If Sydney and Ashley ever got in a fight they would just get over it and hug it out. One of Sydney’s favorite plants is a cactus. She loves them because they are feisty just like her.

Sydney´s favorite sport is soccer, her favorite thing about it is the aggression. She is pretty sure she is going to play soccer for the rest of high school, but she’s not sure if she is going to play in college. After Sydney gets home from school and soccer she eats and then does her homework. When she finishes her homework she takes a shower and then gets ready for bed.

Sydney´s favorite color is teal, that is probably why she prefers blue over purple. Sydney also prefers pizza over hamburgers. These were some weird and crazy facts about Sydney May Welshans.