Ashley Whitsel

Ashley Whitsel was born on July 9th, 2007. She lives in Centre Hall her favorite hobby is playing soccer because she thinks it’s fun to play she has been doing pretty good through the school year. She became my friend because I’m nice and funny she believes that soccer is a good sport because it involves mental and physical strength. If Ashley had a chose to move anywhere in the world she would move to Main. Ashley loves dogs and if she could get a dog it would be a Golden doodle and Ashley would take good care of it. Ashley would pick Chick-fil-a over Burger King which is good so Ashley must love Chick-fil-a. Ashley would rather go fishing than hunting fishing is easier but their both fun. When Ashley had a hard day at practice working on her skills and learning new moves she likes to come home take a shower while listening to music then do her homework also while listening to music she always loves to listen to music and sometimes that music is Christmas music which Ashley is so ready for Christmas. Everybody thinks she’s crazy about listening to Christmas music but listening to her sing is funny. Ashley’s next step in life is to graduate high school and go to college to get a degree to be a small animal vet to help those animals get better. I know Ashley can do it. I love Ashley so much she’s the best friend I need and she always makes me laugh she is always happy and she finds the good in things when things are going bad. Thanks for being my friend Ashely love you so much!!!!!!!!!!