Interview with Emma Evans

Carissa Elcock

So I asked Emma Evans 12 questions to see how she would respond to them. 1st question was what would happen if was the purge? Her response was ” I would kill one person and then hide”. The next question was are chicken nuggets or pizza better? “chicken nuggets” she said. 3rd question is how old are you? “12” she said. 4th question was what is your favorite color? “yellow” she said. 5th question was if you could change anything in the world, what would you change? “make the world peaceful” she said. 6th question is what is your favorite season? “fall” she said. 7th question is what do you plan to do when you graduate from high school? ” go to college” she said. 8th question is what are your plans after college? ” get a job” she said. The 9th question is who is your favorite youtube? ” Sam and Colby,” she said. the 10th question is what is your favorite food? “buffalo wings” she said. The 11th question is what is your favorite subject? ” English,” she said. The 12th question is what is your favorite holiday? “Halloween,” she said. Well, that concludes the interview with Emma Evans. Have a nice day Penns Valley!