Amanda Smith

Today I am interviewing Amanda Smith, She turned 13 years old in September, her favorite animal is a bear, she likes bears because there deadly like herself. She likes school because she can see her friends, she also likes school because it has food. She would not switch schools because she has a lot of friends at this school, she also has cousins at the other schools and she thinks they’re boring, she likes how big this school is. She hates being the older sister because she has to be responsible for stuff, yes she does have a brother, and 2 dogs lucky, and lucy.

Amanda wants to play soccer, basketball, and wrestling, she wants to play these sports because it’s fun to her and she can hurt people in wrestling. Amanda wants better food In the cafeteria, to make the food better she would like to have brothers pizza. she likes math better because it is easier for her to understand, another reason she would chose math over English is because math is more fun to her.

She would rather not learn ancient civilizations over science because it is harder to understand. Amanda’s plans are after she graduates from high school is to be a cop, she wants to be a cop because she wants to use a gun and bring justice upon people. She would like to change a lot about her past because she messed about a lot of things and she wants to make things right with people. This is all of the information I have on Amanda Smith.