Interviewing “Zach Rummel”!

Hello, everyone, my name is Tony Lewis, and I have interviewed Zachary Rummel and he has some very important information to spread with all of us. So on someday, “Idk what day it was” I interviewed Zach and he answered to me some pretty interesting stuff.  So let’s get things started off… Zach’s favorite sports team is Michigan and he would rather eat a dinosaur than a person! Zach thinks that the school Lunchroom needs improvement on and he would start by contacting Mr. Dalton. He said it needs improved on because it’s been there or a while and is a little run-down. Zach said that if the school caught on fire, then the school would burn down! Zach also said that if a hurricane wiped out his house then he would live in the school basement if we have one. Zach said that he would rather eat chick-fil-lay than Mcdonalds. Zach said he would rather slide down a hill covered in slime rather than cow manure. He said that he would choose the small gym as the school’s next renovation. He also said when he graduates, he wants to go to a D3 college for law enforcement. That is it for my article folks, thank you and have a good day!

Written By: Anthony Lewis