Christmas Music: When is it Appropriate?


As Thanksgiving is later this week, that means Christmas is right around the corner. Often it is found that people are judged for listening to their Christmas jams before the Thanksgiving holiday, which leads many to wonder; when is the appropriate time to begin blasting Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé?

This question is asked quite frequently and leads to many arguments between friends and family members. People have all sorts of preferences for when they begin to listen to Christmas tunes. While many people seem to be offended if they hear Winter Wonderland before Thanksgiving dinner, senior, Kailee Grenoble stated, “I’ve been listening to Christmas music since June.”

Christmas ads have been everywhere since October, so why do people have a problem with Christmas music before December? Well, some believe you “cannot just skip holidays” senior Kyle Lucas said, “Thanksgiving has not happened yet.” But why is there a problem? Is there such a genre as Thanksgiving music?

It does seem to be a popular opinion that Christmas music should wait until after Thanksgiving. Senior Caleb Silks claimed it’s appropriate “the Monday after Thanksgiving.” But, there really is no appropriate time to listen to Christmas jams, it is all about personal preference.

If you wish to begin preparing yourself for the holiday season months in advance, there is no one stopping you. No matter what, people may judge you so why let that stop you. People prepare themselves for the holidays in various ways at various times, it happens differently for everyone. Your friends may think you’re crazy if you begin dancing to the Jingle Bell Rock in the middle of November, but just because they’re not ready for the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t be. It is perfectly acceptable to begin jamming out, Christmas is less than a month away!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your break, it’s almost time for Christmas!