Sydney Welshan’s Interview

Today, I am interviewing Sydney Welshans about what she can do to help the school become a better place. This article will help you understand ways that can help make the school better and still be a fun experience. These are ways that 13-year-old Sydney Welshans thinks that will help the school. Sydney Welshans is born and raised in Rebersburg, PA and is in 7th grade. Sydney enjoys playing soccer, sewing, making arts and crafts, and most importantly, having fun at school. Her favorite color is teal and she has enjoyed making clothes and scrunchies for as long as she remembers. I am now going to be sharing Syd’s ideas on how to make our school even better.

Sydney said that to make the school a better place, we should make arts and crafts that symbolize peace throughout the school. She says that she will start a 7th-12th-grade club where people can get together and make amazing peace art that will help make people more at ease when stressed and make the school a more calming place. She believes that when people see this art and when they make it, people will become more at ease with their anxiety and stress with school and give them a sense of peace so they can get their work done. Sydney says that she will take a group of people of 5 from each grade and let them try this out each Friday for 2 weeks and if the majority agrees with this, it will become an actual club and if most people don’t then the club will be modified until the majority likes it. Sydney says that she can prove the idea is the best idea by taking a vote from the people that she tested on and if the majority likes it, then they will continue improving it until everyone in the group agrees that they made it the best it could possibly be. If Sydney’s idea makes school worse, she says that she might expand the club into different kinds of art or possibly other activities to draw more people into joining. Sydney says that she will ensure from the school board and students that the idea is school appropriate and helpful before having people sign up for it. She says that she chose this particular idea because she loves arts and crafts and so does a lot of other people, which would help make the club popular and fun to join. She says that her next idea would have been starting a stress-relieving club where you can talk to people to help your anxiety and to also clash with a social club as well. The steps that Sydney can take to create the club are outlined above. The final steps that she can take to finish the club are to get it approved by the school board and to start signup!

Overall, Sydney’s idea to make a stress-relieving art club can be very helpful to a lot of people and can make school a better place. Her plan is very intriguing and I hope one day, it could be launched. I hope that you enjoyed my article and Sydney’s idea can send a message to others to reach for the stars and make things the best that they possibly can be.