Christmas Time Management

Christmas time is coming around and that means things are about to get crazy so here are some tips on how to keep things calm and in order. Don’t wait till that week before to get your Christmas presents to start buying now and try to be done by December 13th so you can have everything wrapped and ready to go before the break. Don’t break the bank to buy gifts either use coupons and find the sales because if you have a lot of people to buy for then you need to spend your money fairly and wisely. The memorable items will last a lifetime while clothes and other items will get lost or will become unwearable. When buying gifts have two items that you know the person you are buying for wants and then get fewer smaller things along that will make their gifts complete.  Make a calendar with all of the different parties and times as well as family events that are happening like Christmas baking and tree decorating. Make time with your friends so you can do a secret Santa and have a mini Christmas dinner among yourselves. The more you spend time with your friends and family the more memories you’ll make it’ll last a lifetime. When it comes to decorating don’t go overboard because the decorations are taken down a few days after Christmas anyway so why spend hours and hours decorating your house and outside your house when they are gonna get taken down because they will get old and annoying. The most important thing is to have a good time no matter what you’re doing because Christmas only happens one time a year. Yes, it is always okay to play Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving on blast until Christmas is over.