NCYC is a Catholic youth conference that is international and it is held every 2 years in Indianapolis, Indiana. There are fun things that we did as a catholic group. Everyone who is in the same diocese is allowed to be part of the NCYC group. What we did in NCYC was as soon as we got there, we had lunch with our own bishop, Bishop Mark. We talked to him about what he does for his catholic church career. After that, we go to the Indiana Convention center to do fun activities and play fun games and you can also be able to trade hats. Then, on the first day,  we went over to the stadium where NCYC is usually held called the Lucas Oil Stadium. They do a concert every morning and every evening for 1 hour and then we have an opening prayer. They then talk about the verses from the Bible and then we sing some songs about the Lord. Then, on the second day, we repeated the process by going back to the Lucas Oil Stadium for an opening prayer. After that, we then went to the convention centre to play more games and do more fun activities. There was also a piece of wood hanging down from the ceiling and people were carrying the cross. When we were at the convention centre, there was this fun game we played called 9 square volleyball. The goal of that game is that it is every man for themselves. If you serve the ball and if it lands in the person’s square and they miss, they’re out. If the ball goes out of the court, you’re out and if you double hit it, you are out. That is what we did at NCYC, and it was a really fun trip.