Top 5 Christmas Songs

Hello everyone today I am going to be telling you the top 5 Christmas songs that my family is interested in. I hope you enjoy my lovely playlist tht I have gathered over the past few years.

Last Christmas- This is my favorite song ever made and it is my top request when it comes to my grandma asking what Christmas musi she should play.

Winter Wonderland- This is has been my Moms favorite Christmas song every yearsince she was a little girl. When ever this song comes on my mom loves to just jump for joy and sing along to it.

Let it Snow- This Song is my grams favorite song for Christmas gatherings with the whole family. When this song comes on in the car my gram cannot control herself at all!

Mistletoe- This is my cousins favorite song ever made in music history because that was the song that she would always like to listen to as a kid.

Let it snow- This song is my Dads favorite song because when he was a kid this was the song his mom would always listen to whenever she baked cookies for Christmas. Whenever this song comes on he loves to sing along to it with the whole family.

Thank you for reading about my familys favorite songs to listen to during the holidays especially during Christmas gatherings. If you liked my article vote fr me on This link will take you to the website to where you can vote for me. Thank you for reading this and have agood night or day!