Christmas Tradition

My Christmas tradition is every year that we go to my gram and paps house on Christmas eve. Then we all sleep in my sister’s room and some of us are on the floor and my dog sleeps with us too. Then we wake up and wait until everybody is up and we wait at the top of our steps and my mom takes pictures ugh. We all run downstairs and my brothers always get downstairs before everybody because they run through our front room and beat us. So then we wait and we go youngest to oldest to open presents while my dad is cooking breakfast for us. Then after opening presents my older brother his girlfriend and his son Jesse come to our house and bring gifts for us to open. We exchange gifts for each other then we open them to see what we got. After that, we all get ready to go to my aunt Sheila’s house for Christmas when we get there we eat and then open and exchange gifts. We then eat again and just hang out my uncles, gram, sister, older brother and my cousin all play cards while the kids are playing or watching a movie. They are so loud while playing cards it’s so funny because my one uncle is screaming and yelling it’s an intense game but it’s really fun to watch and play. After all that we go home and play a little bit before we go to bed then the next morning, we will still be playing with our stuff. We will sometimes go outside and go sledding and build forts with a bucket it’s such fun. But that’s it and I love my tradition with my family.