Jamming in work leads to the Cramming of the Brain

Jamming in work leads to the Cramming of the Brain

Teachers always think that jamming in as much material and test before the break is a better thing to do. Many students, however, will stress a lot more in those few weeks then in a whole semester. Students have to juggle around four classes, sports and sometimes even a job. The amount of things they have to do is insane. This stress will lead to kids taking more off of work. 

A survey was done with eight students and the ratio of people who are more stressed about work to finals is 5:3. This is just a few students imagine what the numbers could be if we surveyed a whole grade let alone the entire school. I personally had a test in physics on Friday and I had an essay due on Wednesday. Next week  I have another physics test and media I have a talk to your senator video in media. 

Mrs.Miller the 12th-grade English teacher does a good job spreading out assignments we might have grammar every other day but she does this due to the fact that she understands that we have other things going on outside of school besides her class. We have an AP test every Friday but we get that the Friday before it’s due. I think that teachers who don’t have children that are our age have a hard time understand that we have a lot going on. A few other teachers in our school are able to give up this freedom as well because they get our lives outside of school every day. Some of them our coaches and others have children that are young enough and don’t have time to do grading every night. 

The test scores should also show in factor because a student that has Mabey one test a week will be able to score an average of a high B while a student who has two or more test a week will struggle with receiving a low B. Teachers need to stop cramming stuff in before break because we know that we have finals at the end of the semester while the assignments before break are just pilled up day after day and are doing the same time more than likely.


The administration should also put something in the handbook about it or address it to the teachers because a huge difference will be shown. Teachers will also see a difference in student individually as well as a class as a whole. Students may also see a difference in the worth ethic as well as not taking as many mental health days. Most of the time when a student takes a mental health day it’s due to the fact that they are so far behind on work that they have to take a day to get caught up but this is not enough.