Christmas is a wonderful time of year with many lovely traditions

Christmas is a wonderful time of year with many lovely traditions

Christmas is the best holiday, right?  Well, I think so. I have so many memories and stories involving Christmas, here are some of my favorite ones.

In 2015 my sister had her first child. He was born on August 20th, 2015. So we had to do something amazing for Christmas since it was his first Christmas. My dad and I went and got around a 6-foot tree, I was in 2nd grade so we didn’t get homework that we had to finish. So my mom, dad, and I sent awhile decorating to make it perfect. That was the best Christmas I could ever have plus I became an aunt!

Another favorite year of mine was 2017 because I got another pet. I love animals and if I could have every pet I would. My room and house is a full-on zoo! But I got a rabbit for Christmas and she is like my best friend (as a pet.)

February 3rd, 2018  my sister haad her second kid (shes 34 almost 35.) So for that Christmas, we decorated the whole house. That was a mess taking down but I got to hold her and she became my best friend even though she couldn’t walk or talk yet.

Probable the last best holiday or around it was when I was around 7. We put up our Christmas tree early and we didn’t cut the bottom level so we tied it to our wall. The string came out of the loop thing we put in our wall so the tree fell right on top of me. It hit the TV and broke it, so we had to get a new tv and move the tree! Then later that night my cat got a bat that somehow got into our house, so for over 10 minutes, we were chasing the cat around till it went under the couch. We had to try and move the couch without hurting the cat. We did it then we got the bat and let him out safely.

That’s just a few of the hundred stories. But I hope you have an amazing and safe holiday.