Media Class has been a successful semester. We have so many great memories in media class and we have had so much fun in this class. I recommend that people interested in this class should definitely take this class because you’ll learn a lot of filming techniques and how to edit. You also film the morning announcements for the mornings. You then get to have a lot of fun when using all of the filming equipment, and will get to film cooler places during this class. Another thing to put on the announcements is some short segment films, you can make them funny for the mornings.

Here is the media class of 2019-2020. See you next September of 2020-2021

Another cool thing you film in media is a documentary. For the documentaries, you have to be able to film what you want, as long as it’s appropriate, and then explain in your documentary what is important. You then have to have people in your documentary to interview about what they think is cool. Another thing is that everyone must present the documentaries and that is a rule. After everyone showed their documentaries, they then announce all of the awards and whoever had the best documentary wins the “Golden Farley” award. That is the fun part about the media class.

The last cool thing about media class is that we have Media Thanksgiving, that is when we bring a bunch of thanksgiving food in for media class and we also bring in desert. Christmas in Media class, also known as “Mediamas is a great part of this class too because we watch a Christmas movie and have a Christmas party along with it as well. I hope you guys join this class because once you do, you will have so much fun in this class and want to take it again.