How Penns Valley High School is Protecting Students from Covid-19

Mia Vipond

Penns Valley is keeping its students safe, whether its in the school or on the buses. The school is going to take out hard to clean materials, such as carpets and bean bag chairs because they are not hard materials. They will also minimize walkways so we can face/go the same way. They are going to have arrows that we have to follow and to also minimize contact and remain order. The teachers are going to clean the desks every time someone sits there (before and after) and sanitize any materials that students have touched of theirs. The teachers are going to be separating the desks in almost like a checkered pattern so that we are within a safe distance of each other, which is 6 feet because the CDC said, “Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people who are not from your household in both indoor and outdoor spaces.”

For dismissal of any class or going home, we are going to be dismissing us by rows so we do not all crowd in a bunch to get out of the class. They are having lunch in two separate rooms so that buyers will be in one room and packers in the other so they will be separated even more so we can safely take our masks off to eat. We also required wear masks so that we can protect ourselves and not spread it around in the air. For gym class or going outside, we are allowed to take the mask off if we are the required distance away from each other and the teacher of that class also requires hand sanitizer if we have to use.

For the bus, seats are separated so that it should be one per seat unless you have a relative/sibling that rides the same bus but even then you are still required to wear your mask until your stop. Our school is keeping us safe for all of the reasons above so that we can continue to have our school in person. I have received most of this information from