Halloween 2020 – A Fictional Adventure

Anthony Gingrich-Lewis

The Week Before:

October 24th: Everyone is raging about Halloween and are trying to find costumes before they are sold out. Clowns are getting ready to scare and kidnappers are getting stocked up on candy to bribe children. The news reporters are encouraging everyone to stay inside and keep a close eye on their children. The CDC is raging to shut Halloween down because of the number of germs that are going to be passed. No matter what everyone is going to going to go trick or treating and the police stations will be packed full of calls about citings of clowns.

The Night Before:

October 30th: The stores are closed and out of stock and there are many candy/costume stores out of stock as well. Parents are begging their children not to go out and police are cruising around neighborhoods looking for any suspicious vans or people. Meanwhile, I, Tony Lewis am going to be walking around town looking for any kidnappers or suspicious people. I am going to be walking with Nathan Spicer, Max King, and Kaiden Manning. The reason I picked them was that, well…really…they just wanted to come along.


October 31st: It´s here, it is time to go boys, I said to Max, Nathan, and Kaiden. We got our baseball bats, walkie talkies and headed out to Centre Hall around 7:30 pm. We made a plan to meet at the elementary school and end up at the top of the mountain. Nathan and I went to the fire department to start there and search around for Vans and Max and Kaiden started at my aunt’s house. While Nathan and I were walking around we noticed a little girl scream coming from a few blocks up from where we were.

8:30 pm: We signaled to Max’s walkie-talkie and he didn´t respond. Nathan and I were worried so we headed up to their location on the snap map on Snapchat and we couldn´t believe it. Max was the one screaming because Kaiden was murdered right in front of him by a killer clown. We asked Max where the clown went but he as sobbing worse than a girl so we couldn´t get anything out of him. When Max stopped crying we asked him again and he said the clown was headed towards the elementary school.

8:45 pm: We all booked to the elementary school and went inside. When we got inside we noticed that nobody was there and the lights were turned off. It was weird because there are always people inside there for the activities that the school holds on Halloween. We kept looking around for the clown and anyone else but we still couldn´t find anyone. We went to the other side of the building to find that all the doors were locked tight.

9:00 pm: We knocked on the doors but nobody answered. Then, all of a sudden we hear this loud bang! We go to check it out and it appears to be the clown that killed Kaiden. We all slowly jog back to where we were and hide in the janitor’s closet. I then suggested that when we hear footsteps we jump out of the closet and jump the clown.

9:10 pm: They agreed to it so we started to hear small footsteps coming our way. Then more footsteps started to come our way sounding like a heard of cattle. When the footsteps got to about 10 feet from us we stood there quietly for about 10 seconds until the door opened on us. We were all in shock to see the killer clown and the boogie man’s army alongside him ,standing there ready to kill us. Nathan screeched and said, ¨I like ya cut, G¨ and slapped the clown across the face and ran.

9:25 pm: While Max and I were standing there terrified about what just happened, we saw a very bright light. When we looked away for a few seconds we looked back to see Kaiden as an angel looking at us. Before we could even think he swooped us off our feet and carried us up to God to meet him. God said, “Hey fellas, you’re here because my friend Kaiden said that you two wanted to see him again you are now allowed to come here whenever you want. He also said that when we leave here to just take the Batmobile in Batman’s garage.”

We thanked Kaiden and God for bringing us up here and got in the Batmobile to go find Nathan. When we were looking for Nathan we saw a kid whose name tag said Coronavirus. We asked Corona if he saw Nathan and he said, “In my basement.” Max and I both rushed to his house; we knew where he lived because we followed him home. We heard Nathan screaming in pain.

Infinite: Max was really sad because his mom’s birthday was tomorrow and he wouldn´t be there to celebrate. After we all settled down and chilled for a little bit God came to us and spoke these exact words, ¨Boys, go have some fun, you´ll be here for the rest of eternity.¨ The End!

Oh! And did I mention who killed us? No? Oh well… I guess you´ll just have to wait till next year for the rest of the story! Haha that sure is 2020, isn’t it?