7th Store in Nittany Mall Closes; Mall Plummeting in Sales

Ryley Kirk

The Rampage Room, a popular store that just opened in the Nittany Mall this March, is set to close sometime soon. The store, known for being able to smash anything you please without having to clean it up had people very anticipated for it to open. This caused more people to be very disappointed in this sudden closing. The main reason for the closing is money problems. Snyder, an operations officer, says, “We had just hired employees, we had just started to get ready to pay back ourselves and, when COVID hit, that knocked us out with like four months of no income, we took a hit. We just took a big hit and couldn’t get back from it.” This really hurt the store because they couldn’t make any money because of COVID-19. 

Another main reason for the closing was because they couldn’t receive any money from the government to keep their business moving. Since the store is not labeled “essential”, they did not qualify for any money from the government. This gave them close to no money to rent the store and buy things that they needed, which furthermore gave them no choice but to close it down. People are very disappointed for sure. This store was supposed to be a big hit, which makes it a surprise they are closing so suddenly.

The Nittany Mall has been doing horribly when it comes to keeping stores. The Mall has been known for the downfall in money and stores for the past decade. Stores started moving out to go to someplace downtown or the stores just don’t have the money to continue. The Mall is doing so terribly that there have been seven, yes seven, stores to close down this year. The store is just dying slowly. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the building becomes abandoned in the next few years. Overall, the Mall is slowly dying and they need help for sure. Sorry Rampage Room, better luck next time.