Girls Wrestling Starting In Mifflin and Annville County

Mallory Stover

There is now girls wrestling in more schools; they are recognizing this new addition to sports NorCredit to Montana Standard th Allegheny, Easton, Executive Education Academy, Central Mountain, Governor Mifflin, and Annville-Cleona School Districts have to approve schedules and find a coach. To be able to wrestle they would have to commit to using at least half of the PIAA’S allotted competition points. Seven schools have voted to fund and support girls wrestling, This is opening pathways to girls that want to be on the mat and give them an opportunity to wrestle. Couch Ralph Voit quoted, “I am extremely proud of the Governor Mifflin School District for offering official support for a girls wrestling program. Mifflin School hopes that girls wrestling grows throughout Pennsylvania. Being able to make a girl’s wrestling team is great; many girls now have the opportunity to maybe pursue their dreams of wrestling or just try it.”

Many people are saying girls wrestling is increasing and many more girls want to wrestle. By wrestling, girls can improve their leadership and life experiences to improve their lives. Many girls wrestling tournaments still go on and many girls are starting to wrestle. Creating a girl’s wrestling team helps girls improve on their skills and they don’t have to be competitive against boys. Girls are still very competitive during wrestling and many want to win. The first couple of girls wrestling tournaments were California 2011, Tennessee 2015, Texas 1999. Girls that are wrestlers are role models to the little girls who want to wrestle and they can look up to them. Girls can become more confident in themselves by putting on a singlet and going out there and giving it their best. Girls that were wrestlers could become a coach for wrestling and help other girls feel confident about themselves and teach them tips to become a better wrestler.