What’s Next in the Generation of Football?

What's Next in the Generation of Football?

Haylee Davis

Do you like watching football? A huge NFL fan? Well, here we are talking about the next generation of NFL football.

This year(2020) the NFL is finding many difficulties throughout the season because of COVID-19. Many players have to wait for a certain amount before they are able to return, but that isn’t stopping players from working hard to keep up a great season. What we have learned is that the Next-Gen stats team is excited to debut a series of New advanced metrics for the 2020 NFL season. As the Advanced metrics grow each season, the stats team continues to think of what could be possible, what advances might come with every game to be played.

Though with the rates people have given about teams for 2020’s NFL Season, it appears that there are many different teams that are believed to have a good chance this season compared to previous seasons. “From predicting the number of rushing yards a ball carrier will gain from handoff (Expected Rushing Yards) to estimating the chances a team wins in the middle of a game (Live Win Probability), there’s a lot to look forward to from Next Gen Stats in 2020.”

From the past three weeks of games played by the NFL, there have been tons of different placements made about teams, which are doing great so far and what some teams could do more work on. The top three ranked teams right now in order from first to third. 

In first right now is the Baltimore Ravens, They have played two great games the season keeping their strong attitude and fierce plays to continue to thrive.

In second, right behind the Ravens is the Kansas City Chiefs, Them coming in second is showing their hard work and their great power behind all teammates

In third is the Green Bay Packers, with them being in third shows how hard they have been working as a team, they continue to thrive by becoming stronger and playing as a team.

Throughout all the years of football, there are many great aspects still in football nowadays. There are many new things and new techniques that will make teams grow stronger and stronger. People are excited about what possibilities are to come in the future.

Next week a few teams play to head off for example our Top two teams in rankings are playing against each other Monday 9/28 at 8:15 PM. Which team will become the next #1 team in rankings?