Penns Valley Loses 27-0

Carter Ironside

Last Friday our Penns Valley Rams squared off against the Clearfield Bisons. The first quarter came around and after last year’s battle between the two teams, people watching the game had to be expecting a wonderful and exciting game. The game started off and right off the bat you could tell that was not the case. Clearfield was ready to go whenever the game started they had taken the ball down the field and scored multiple times to the Jake Lezzer, After Clearfield scored once Penns Valley received the kickoff and Alex Hammer(#80) faked the reverse to Gage Ripka(#25), Alex got the defense too bit hard on the fake. Alex ran it all the way down the field and the Clearfield kicker made a great play and Knocked the ball out of Alex’s hand and into the endzone and out of bounds. The officials made the call and noticed the ball fumbled into the endzone and out of bounds; this means it would become Clearfield’s ball on their own 20-yard line, Clearfield then scored with an 11-yard TouchDown throw to Jake Lezzer, This took them to halftime. After halftime ended and the teams returned to the playing field Clearfield received the ball. They drove the ball all the way down the field and scored making the score 27-0. Penns Valley sadly lost to the Bisons 27-0 compared to last year’s score 56-42; there was almost 2 times less than last year. You can find more about the Penns Valleys Football game at WTAJ that week it was discovered that a player from Clearfield was a confirmed case of COVID-19. This means that all of our football players have to quarantine and can’t play for the next 2 weeks, which means they have to postpone the game resulting in rescheduling.

Centre Daily Times