Penns valley carries flags out on felid

Rian Grubb

The Penns Valley Rams Varsity team played a football game on 9/11/20 in honor of the firefighters and police officers who lost their lives on that tragic day. The team is getting a lot of hate for this piece of respect. The team was flying their American, thin blue line and thin red line flags at their game. 

There are people who were very grateful for the act of kindness because they support the emergency service providers. The blue line flag stands for police services. The red line flag stands for firefighter services. The Penns Valley Rams went against the Clearfield Buffalos. 

The teams have to wear masks and be six feet apart on the sideline to prevent the spread of COVID. The Penns Valley Varsity team wore their blue jerseys because it was a home game. If they were away they would have to wear their white jerseys. The week after they were supposed to go against Philipsburg-Osceola or PO, but it sadly got postponed. 

There are people complaining and saying that the pictures of the flags should be removed because what they did was disrespectful, rude, and downright wrong.  This probably won’t happen because the team was supporting and showing respect for what happened on 9/11. Normally the captains would not have carried the flags out.