47 Meters Down Review

47 Meters Down Review

Logan Jones

In 2017, a movie called 47 Meters Down was released about two young sisters who go on a vacation to Mexico for a thrill-seeking time.  This movie has a lot of people arguing over the fact if the movie was good or bad. To be honest I don’t know quite myself.

The one sister (Kate) convinced her sister to go diving with the sharks in a cage. As you know they wanted a thrill seeking time and they got it. The worst thing they could’ve possibly thought about came true. The cage broke off from the boat sending them deep down onto the ocean floor with hardly any oxygen in there oxygen tanks. They were 47 meters down hence how the movie got it’s name.

This movie has a lot of good factors but also a few negative. The movie had you on the edge of your seat wondering “what are they gonna do?” “Are they gonna survive?”. This was running through my mind the whole time. The movie had some good jump scares which makes the movie more interesting. The hallucinating caught me of guard at first but it made it more thrilling. But I also felt that it wasn’t the most realistic and it could’ve had a lot more important details added to it. I think if the movie had more background about the characters you’d feel more sympathetic and it would have a greater effect on the audience. I also think that if they would’ve shown more of what the people were doing to try to save them it would’ve made it better instead of the movie being almost all under water.

If i had to give this movie a rating. I would rate this movie a 6 out of 10 because it did keep me on the edge of my seat but it also could’ve had a lot more significant details that would’ve made this movie great!