Green Grove Church

I interviewed my Pastor, Darrell Smucker. He is the pastor at the church that I go to, Green Grove church, which is in Penns Valley.

He was born in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He likes to watch Hallmark movies and go to Chincoteague which is a town in Virginia. Some fun facts about him are that he has been in all except for 5 of the states. He has been a pastor for 38 years. 

The first question that I asked him was, Why did you want to become a pastor? He answered,” I did not want to be a pastor. However, God told me that’s what he wanted me to do, so I was obedient.” The next question that i asked him was What impact does Green Grove church have on Penns Valley? He stated,” We have witnessed to many people about the love of God and that Jesus came to save them. Also, we have helped many families in need with food, money and labor. We help support Penn’s Valley Community center and do volunteer work there.” After that question I asked Why did you come to PA? He answered by saying,”God directed Marilyn & I to come to this church.” Marilyn is his wife. After that question I asked Would you consider moving to a different church if you had the opportunity? He responded by saying,” Not until God tells me to.” After he responded to that question I asked him my next question: Which is better being a pastor or a bus/van driver? Since he was a bus driver. He answered me by saying,” Being a pastor. I get to help more people with more significant issues that they need help with.” The final question that i asked him was What do you plan on doing after you retire? He stated,”I don’t know yet. But continue to serve God as he directs me.”                  


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