Penn’s Valley High School Swimming


This photo is of Sophie Gerhart swimming fro the Penn’s Valley High School in the 2019 District













     Penns valley swimming is an amazing sport to do. Maggie Delaney said, “I started to swim at Penns Valley because I wanted to swim with my friends and play a sport for the school.” Swimming for Penns Valley is a time to learn new skills and meet new people.

       Swimming is an amazing sport to do. You could have started to swim because one of your parents has done swimming or you could have just wanted to try a different sport. Maggie Delaney said, “ I started to swim because my mother swam and she wanted to try it and stuck with it.”  Maggie Delaney also said, “ I wouldn’t do any other sport because it is just a marvelous sport to meet new people, have fun, and learn new skills.

        To join the swim team you can have a bunch of experience or you don’t have to have that much swimming experience, but everyone will work together and help each other to get better at swimming. At swim meets you will have a chance to cheer on your teammates and work together. You can also give tips to help them fix their strokes so they can get an even faster time the next time they swim that event. Maggie Delaney said, “ Before a meet, I talk to myself to get myself prepared for a race and if one of my friends thinks they won’t do well in a race then I will talk to them and say they can do it, and they do good on their race and I do too.”

       Starting to swim at Penns Valley can take to college swimming to the Olympics or to just swimming laps at a YMCA or a pool in your backyard. After you swim for Penns Valley high school you can choose how you put swimming into your life. Maggie Delaney said, “ I am going to quit competitive swimming after high school but I am going to still be swim laps at a YMCA or in a pool in a yard.  Penns Valley High school swimming is a place to have a good time and do something that you like.