The Average life of an Eighth-Grader

Haylee Davis


Have you ever thought of being in the shoes of someone else? What do they do normally every day?


Well, today you are going to be in the Shoes of Eighth-grader Emma Evans.

This is a photo of when Emma Evans was in her first-period class which is Science


Some Background information

  • Her name: Emma Georgia Evans
  • Her family: She has two siblings, their names are Nolyn and Travis
  • Her Birthday: She was born on August 17th of 2007, she is 13 years old this year. 
  • She lives in Centre Hall, PA
  • She is an Eighth-grader for this 2020 – 2021 school year
  • Some of her hobbies include reading, playing games, and listening to music
  • A few of her favorite things are the color Neon Green, the genre Horror, Alternative music, and a sport she had played before was Softball.





‘Emma Evans was in class at Penns Valley Highschool. She had finished work early and was waiting for the bell to ring’


On an average day of school at Penns Valley Highschool, in the Junior High hallway. Emma Evans was in her first-period class, which is Science. She had finished up her work and had free time before the bell rang. This was how her morning started off every Monday through Friday, she would go to her classes and do her work, but isn’t this the same for almost all students? Yes, yes it is- but this just shows how we all nearly have the same exact things and expectations in school every day.


  • Sometimes don’t you wonder if you could have different friends, would you?  Some people may say yes, but not her, Emma wants to keep her crazy, hysterical, Spider-man loving best friends.
  • Ms.Evans goes through an ordinary day starting with Waking up, then going off to school, After she gets home she often eats dinner, and last she is already off for bed.
  • Have you ever thought about going off to another school? Emma would hate to go off to another school due to the fact she would have nobody to talk to and would have to make new friends


When you would think everyone has their own life and it is completely different from others, it really isn’t. Most people have a similar schedule it may be a tad different with whether you’re going to school or are going to work. We all live similar lives, and that’s what is so unique about humans.