The Deadly Hand Sanitizer



Spray Hand Sanitizer             
Penn’s Valley


Penns valley   


          At the Penns Valley High School a boy named Brayden has been turning people to ash with his hand sanitizer. Everyone thought that it was just a myth but we are all wrong. All the stories we have heard about all the people who can turn someone to ash with just the smell of their special hand sanitizer and they will turn to ash in under a second. After they have been turned to ash, for 10 decades they will come back to life and turn other people into ash, well all the stories have been true.

            For decades we haven’t had someone turn to ash until Brayden showed up, he is the last of their kind. The first person Brayden turned to ash was a student in the Junior High Media class, Rachel. Brayden was very quick to clean up the ash and was very sure that no one saw him do it. But he didn’t realize that there was a student in the hallways. The person who turned Brayden into the police was Lilly who watched the whole thing. Lilly was walking in the hall and when she turned the corner and couldn’t believe what she just saw, she saw Brayden spraying the hand sanitizer and Racheal just slowly falling and while she was falling she was turning into ash. And before Racheal started to fall she, what is that smell because it smells very bad.

              police have caught Brayden but they weren’t able to get the sanitizer.  When you touch the hand sanitizer bottle you will also turn into ash. Even if Brayden is in a jail cell he is still turning people to ash. When the police officer put Brayden in the jail cell, Brayden sprayed the sanitizer and the police officer smelt it and turned to ash, but thankfully the police officer locked the cell door before he sprayed the sanitizer.

             Now Brayden sits in the jail cell all alone just waiting for someone to come get him. At the police station, they built a new cell area on the other side of the police station away from Brayden to keep everyone safe.