Student sees ghost roaming around Penns Valley School District

Matthew Bingaman


According to a student at the Penns Valley school district There are ghosts roaming  around the school district. While a student was walking from a class to a different class he looked outside near the side of the school towards the football field and saw a ghost roaming around in the grass. So immediately the student took a closer look he went to the door and looked out and looked at the ghost until one of his friends came to say hello and then the student said to his friend “I think i saw a ghost.” The friend just burst out laughing and said” You are now seeing things. I think you need glasses.” After his friend said that to him the kid who said he saw a ghost went to his class of which he really liked the teacher so when he got in the class he went up to the teacher and said “ I saw a ghost! I saw a ghost!” The teacher said to him” Ghosts are not real you must have seen somebody dressed as a ghost considering today is halloween.” The kid finally sat down. When the day was over he went home to his family and told them that he saw a ghost and guess what happened… They did not believe him either. The next day when it was NOT halloween he went to the same space where he supposedly saw a ghost, and stared there for a few seconds to see a ghost. Sure enough he thought he saw the same ghost and then his friend walked down the hallway and said to his friend that was still staring at the ghost” Do not tell me you think you saw another ghost.” So the kid that was still staring responded back by saying” Then I will not tell you.” This time when the school day was over the kid decided to go to the principal and see what he said and when the kid told the principal he thought he had seen a ghost yesterday and today the principal said” What do you want me to do about this call the police. I am way too busy to worry about a student that saw a ghost.”  So kid said to the principal” Yes I would like you to call them so they can file an investigation.“ So the principal called the police and said” I would like an officer to come to the Penns Valley Area High School for a sighting of a ghost.” The person on the line started to laugh and then said to the principal” Okay if you say so.” When the officer came to the school he wanted to talk to the student who saw the ghost. So the kid told the officer “I saw the ghost today and yesterday through the door going out the back.” So the officer called for backup and when the backup got there,they went up with the kid and tried to find any signs of a ghost. They started to look and a half hour in they still did not find anything. So the police left since they did not find anything the next day you can guess what happened. The kid thought he saw another ghost so he told his friend and his friend said “Would you be quiet about you and your ghost? The police were here yesterday and found nothing.” The kid went to the principal yet again and said “I saw a ghost.” This time the principal yelled at him saying” Would you leave me alone otherwise I will suspend you.” So the kid believed him and left him alone. The next day after school he went up to the football field BY HIMSELF!!!! He started up there when he heard something that said “ hi little kid looking for me.” The kid screamed but stayed up there at 5:00. He decided to walk home and his parents asked him where he was and said “ the bus broke down.” The next day  he had some of his friends help him look for a ghost when they found, a pumpkin that was all red and saying” Hello,Hello you are looking for me.” The kids screamed and the kid that saw the ghost was like” Is this what i saw?” The next day the kid had an eye appointment and that is when he realized he needed glasses and he did not really see a ghost at school!