Staying Safe During Halloween

Kiara Dunkle

COVID-19 is going to impact everyone’s Halloween this year. It is important to stay safe while celebrating this year. Things such as social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing your hands can all help you stay safe during Halloween. Even though we all want to have fun it is important to take precautions to help protect ourselves and the people around us.

First, to make wearing a mask more fun, and incorporate it into your costume. However, make sure the mask will protect you and is not just a mask that came in the package with your costume that will give you no protection at all. (Learn more about what masks can protect you here: Which mask should I choose, and will it protect me from Covid19?) Another precaution you can take is instead of having parades and parties in person, make them virtual. Even though this is not as fun, you can still have a great time while being protected from getting sick. Something that we already do every year, but also is COVID-19 friendly is carving pumpkins. This can be something very fun that you can do with your family. Then, you can even bake those seeds and turn them into pumpkin seeds, a nice treat that the whole family can enjoy. 

A big part of Halloween is trick or treating and a lot of people are still looking forward to doing this. Some precautions you can take are, avoid large groups of people, wear your mask, and social distance. Instead, walk around the town with your family and not groups of people. This can help keep you and others around you safe while still having a great time trick or treating. Washing your hands is also very important to help protect you from the virus. Also, when you receive treats wipe them down with a disinfectant wipe or let them sit out a few days before opening them and eating them. These precautions can help keep you and your family safe while you are trick or treating.

It is important to be aware of the safety of others around us and not just ourselves. This Halloween we need to be very careful to help everyone stay safe. Halloween is a very fun time where people can dress up and go trick or treating around the neighborhood or, celebrate different traditions. However, we can still do these things we just need to be extra careful this year. Some things may be different than usual because of COVID-19 but we can all still try to have a fun time.