The Third Annual PV Media Film Festival


Sammie Snider getting footage ready for her documentary.

Over the past few weeks, the PV Media Crew has been working very hard on the ultimate film project: a documentary. The only requirements for the documentary video project was to have it be at least five minutes long, with any topic of your choice. Because of this, a variety of topics came up: sports, hunting, and space, to name a few.

The project really showed the interests of the individual students. In preparation, we watched past student documentaries and two full length documentaries, Jiro Dreams of Sushi and the King of Kong. We studied the different camera techniques and angles used to make a documentary appealing to watch.

On Wednesday, we will gather together (making sure we were socially distanced) in the auditorium to watch our documentaries. At the time of the writing of this article it is uncertain who will win the awards. The awards for the documentary goes as follows: Best Editing for the best editing, Outstanding Interviews, who had the most interesting and thought provoking interview, and Best Cinematography, which determines who used the best camera angles. Then, the Golden Farley award is given to the person who combined all of these skills to make the best documentary in the class. The past winners of the Golden Farley include Emma Narber and Lydia Collison.

Making the documentary was hard work. Countless hours were spent preparing, filming, and editing. For some, it was hard getting the documentary to be the perfect length. For others, filming people to interview was tough. But finally, we can watch our work pay off in the form of watching our documentaries. Good job to everyone in the class!