Reality of Online School


I am a Junior at Penns Valley High School and my school offers “rams online” due to Covid 19, we offer this as a way for students to learn at home and be safe. The first marking period of my Junior year I attended school in person. It definitely wasn’t my favorite thing. We had to wear masks, social distance, the hallways were only one way,  and I found it very hard to learn this way.  I changed that by starting Ram Online for the 2nd marking period of the year to see if it helps with how I learn.

I have done online for almost two weeks now and I have found some pros and cons but I mostly love it. I find myself not getting as distracted and I get my work done a lot faster, because I don’t have others there to distract me. My brother is a Senior at Penns Valley and he is also doing Rams online and he really enjoys it too. I would much rather be at school, making those high school memories, but since it isn’t what it used to be due to Covid-19 it just wasn’t enjoyable to be there. My day starts around 7:45 when I get up, my first block class is at 8:07 where I have health and then 2nd block is at 9:43 which is my media class that I absolutely love and I miss my Media family. My lunch starts at 11:07 and I love it I cook myself and my brother lunch everyday. I finish my day with Ap English and Chemistry. I am done with school at 2:35, and have the rest of my day to do whatever I want.