What are the School Precautions for COVID-19?

Marinn Peters

On December 4, 2020, Centre Country alone had 12,089 new cases in just one day. Ever since the March shut down COVID tests have been going up and down with numbers. CDC says, “COVID-19 can be spread even if you do not feel sick.” Because of this schools are struggling with students not knowing that they have COVID-19. 

Throughout the summer our county did fairly well until students came back for college at Penn State. Through this students were also going to school, sports were being played, and others were going back to work. The COVID numbers were not the greatest, but they weren’t high enough for schools to shut down. As the year progressed the cases kept going up. Schools also got guidelines to follow to help with COVID-19.

The way of online learning.

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 During the beginning of the year at Penns Valley, masks were worn by all students and staff. Arrows were also placed in the hallways to make the halls one way. This helps to prevent the clutter of students and people getting super close to one another. All teachers had to clean and disinfect objects that they found necessary or were used by students. Some face shields were also worn when teachers had to get closer than 6 feet to any student. If parents didn’t want their son/daughter to go to school, the school offers an online option. Those students stay home and log into zoom for their classes. They have the same teachers that they would have in school and are given the same assignments as their peers. If you started online but then wanted to go back that was an option given to you. If you started at school and wanted to go online that was another option that was available to students.

Continuing into November our school started getting more cases than they were at the beginning of the year, and the school went virtual. That meant that every student would then be at home and they could get on zoom for their classes. This was originally only going to be until after Thanksgiving break. After Thanksgiving, the school decided to stay virtual a little longer than the original plan. During this, teachers continued to teach their lessons with some modifications. Everything had to be online, and for most students, this was a new thing for them since most students had been at school. Being online was not an easy thing for most students and it took a few days for everyone to get used to being online. 

Continuing to now we are going hybrid. This means that there will be different groups of students going at different times. These groups include the gray, white, and blue group. The grey group of students goes to school like normal and the other two groups rotate between going to school and online. This helps to keep numbers under control while students can still be able to learn. During the hybrid model students are still allowed to choose to go online and not do the hybrid model. For many students, they are glad that they can at least go to school now a little bit. Hopefully, the country can get a vaccine out and make next year a little easier on us. Remember to keep wearing a mask!