My Second Deer

Kurtis Houser, Everything

In 2019, I got my first deer. Here is the story of how. In 2015 I started to hunt with my uncle and l didn’t shut up. But from then to now I finally learned to see deer l have to be quiet. For the first three years when I hunted l didn’t see a deer in the woods, but in 2019 I started to hunt with my cousin and uncle from my dad’s side of the family my other uncle is from mom’s side of the family. Last year, my dad and I figured out why I wasn’t seeing any deer because I am always at our farm. So I went hunting with my cousin and another uncle and got my first deer. Then this year the second day of the second hunting week of hunting season I got my second deer. It was a doe but I was still excited.

So when I was in the woods I wasn’t with either my uncle’s or my cousin. I was with my Dad’s friend and his two sons let me tell you his two sons are really noisy whenever it comes to hunting. I went with these guys two days before this and we saw 16 deer that time but I couldn’t get a shot on any so then I went out on Monday which is the day I shot my second deer and we saw three but walk away one of them came right out in front of me and it was really easy to shoot her so I dropped her.

After I shot that deer both of the guys’ sons were really happy that I dropped her because the older son he shot one couple of days before and he did not drop his but the buck ran and fell. 

In conclusion, I recommend hunting for anybody that can sit still for a long time and be quiet while staying still.