Penns Valley and Covid

Carter Ironside

Penns Valley has had some recent COVID-19 cases and this is what happened. During lunch that day the JH boys basketball team was taken to the cafeteria because someone on the team had COVID-19. They took the team to the new gym and made us wait until someone could come and pick us up. During the time we had to go home we were still informed that we could come back on December 4 and that we basically had to wait until after Thanksgiving break which made it only a 4-day span we couldn’t go to school for. Later that day the school was closed and we all had to go online until it was safe to return back to school. While we were in school we still had to wear a mask and try to be socially distanced but we couldn’t help that the disease was getting to us. When we got to the first day of online school we had to always have our cameras on and we would do work just like we would have done if we were in school except we weren’t in school. The school now has lt the people that have really bad internet return to school, These people were in the group called grey. The blue group is going to go to school for 4 days this month, the white group will go to school 3 days this month. They also said that the sports can resume their sports season on the 14th. The thing I learned about COVID is that even though one person in your family was around someone with COVID it can affect your whole entire family. One positive thing that we have had in Penns Valley is we have had people that got COVID but anybody was injured. If you want to learn more about the Penns Valley area school district visit.